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Black Poker Game Set (500 pieces)

500 pieces Black Poker Game Set

Black Poker Game Set (300 pieces)


Experience the thrill of high-stakes poker with our Black Poker Game Set, featuring 300 custom chips in a sleek locking case. Crafted for serious players, each chip weighs 14 grams and is made of premium ABS plastic with embedded metal sheet for authentic casino feel. With denominations ranging from 5 to 1000, this set ensures an immersive gaming experience. Complete with essential accessories like the All In Triangle and acrylic dealer buttons, it’s perfect for game nights and tournaments alike.

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  • 300-piece poker set in a black aluminum case
  • Chips weigh 14 grams each, made of high-quality ABS plastic with embedded metal sheet
  • Denominations: 5 (20 pieces), 10 (100 pieces), 20 (40 pieces), 50 (40 pieces), 100 (60 pieces), 500 (20 pieces), 1000 (20 pieces)
  • Comes with 2 sets of plastic playing cards for endless entertainment
  • Includes All In Triangle, Dealer Round Acrylic Button, Small Blind Round Plastic Button, and Big Blind Round Plastic Button


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