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When I asked my husband few months ago to accompany me to go shopping, I didn’t see him jumping up and down and yeeey so exciting about it. But he went with me. After literally fifteen minutes at the mall while still in our first store he started fidgeting and getting nervous; Yet after another whole fifteen minutes he got angry, started rushing me and couldn’t take it anymore and the “Must Leave Now” sign lighted up his face. Less than one hour, we were back home, empty handed.

Few days later, while I was half asleep at 11:30 pm on the sofa watching my favorite series, he suddenly said to me while looking at his smartphone: “babe, I gotta buy this, this is exactly what I was searching for”.

Now wait a second? Really! So you men prefer to buy online than actually go shopping? Why didn’t you say so from the beginning? Oh right…


  • relaxi-flexi: Men don’t like to literally go shopping but this does not deny the fact that they like to shop, alone, online without the tiredness of driving the car and park it, and go from one shop to another and stand in queues. So men just prefer to lie on their coach, drink their cold beer and shop in the most flexible relaxing style in front of the TV.
  • Hush Hush: unlike women, when men wants to shop, they don’t want it on their social media story pages the next day. They just want to buy it, period. They don’t care if nobody knew if they have it or not, or whether it suits them or not.
  • Lux: women likes shopping online same as men and maybe more; the fact is that men spend more money online on luxury and electronic products than women do.
  • More for less: it’s not that men shop or spend more money online than women only. It is that they spend more time reading, searching, comparing and making sure that they are buying the right item.
  • Let’s not get physical: many women, although they shop online, but when it comes to their favorite items, especially clothes, they still prefer to go to the store, check it up, see and sense the fabric or the material. Men are not so physical about their items, they just want to make sure that this is what they want, and they just click and proceed to check out.
  • EmotioNot: before the whole online explosion, men used to go to the store, buy what they need and come back. Women planned it, they take their best friend with them, they listen carefully to what the helper in the store is advising them, and they take their friends opinion on every item they try. Men are not that emotional about shopping, they like it? They buy it, end of the story. That’s why shopping online is easier for them.
  • Handy: For many, especially women, shopping is a pleasure. For many, especially men, shopping is a need. Men visits the mall only when they need to shop, women? They can go every day. Twice. So the online shopping came in handy for men. They just log in, buy what they want and leave. The “get in-get out” process is God sent for men.
  • Money Honey: When at the mall, men may get lured by temptation: such as special offers or promotional products, maybe even new products that they don’t necessarily want; thus they tend to spend more money than they plan. The online shopping will save them from this entire headache. It will take them straight to what they are looking for.
  • Take No for an answer: now this maybe common between male and female online shoppers, but men mostly are shy to step in a store, try several items and not buy any. While online, they can say no to as many items and products, even if they were starring at it for over an hour.
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