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How many times you left the house and then, in the middle of the way, you suddenly remembered that you didn’t lock the door! Or did you? Or you didn’t? Or even worse, how many times you were coming back home on a cold day, just wanting to chill on your sofa, but it is freezing and the heater is off. Now you need like an hour to get warm again. Well thanks to technology now the automation or smart home is becoming more popular and the options that accompany it are numerous.

Now of course we all agree that installing a smart home product is not cheap, but it will definitely save you a lot of money on the long run, plus with the rapid technological revolution, everyday, its becoming cheaper and cheaper.

So with a little knowledge about automation, good secure connection to Internet and your smart device, you will be able to monitor almost everything in your house even if you are 1000 miles away, from the lighting to gas leaking control by using an application or simply just a voice command.

So, is it worth turning your house into a smart one? Let’s see!

  • Comfort And Ease

Many people started installing smart gadgets to satisfy their needs and to feel more at ease in their homes, whether inside or outside their houses. It is much easier to turn the hot water on ahead of time, or the air-conditioner so you would come back to a comfortable place. It saves the headache of those little things that you have to take care of, every time you wake up, before you sleep or when you leave or come back home.

  • Safety

As we all agree, safety comes first.  First, some smart product turns themselves off due to their smart timer if not in use. And of course you have the application that will help you, via your smart device, to turn your smart appliance off from wherever you are. Your smart device can even notify you if someone is on your property, even before entering the house.

  • Security

First and foremost, the security cameras help you check every room in your house, lock any door unlocked through the smart lock, check if the babysitter is taking good care of your kids, etc.…

Even if you are in your house, you can monitor who is at the door, and whether you open the door or no. You can check your garden at night and adjust your smart garage to close at a certain time.

  • Eco friendly

Smart home gadgets consume less energy than the traditional devices that we used in our houses. You can save water, electricity and gas especially in products that you can have full control over, such as the smart thermostat.

  • Comfort

It is one of the reasons that people fell in love with smart homes. The atmosphere that it created is kind of cool. You can choose to play certain music by the time you are home, or dim the lights when your hot date arrives at the door; you can choose to lift the window shades in the morning or just keep them down.

  • Only one device

You can now get rid of the 15 remote controls you used to search for each time you want to turn a certain device on or off. Now you can control your whole house from one smart device only.

  • Sell and High

Smart devices and smart homes increase the value of the house if it is for sale. Not to mention that the buyers will prefer a smart house that already has everything installed than the old traditional ones.

  • Home management control

Smart home will help you customize, monitor and adjust your life style. Smart TV shows you how many hours you are watching, the smart oven can update you with what food your using the most, what kind of foods you are keeping in your smart fridge, and your smart shower will let you know how much time, water and energy you can save.

  • Everyone is happy

Smart home is very much in need for elderly people, families with kids and for disabled people. They can unlock doors, close garages; turn the lights on and off and much more.

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